a minute

the uncertainties of life and death makes us all vulnerable to tragedies. to tragedies we are afraid of. tragedies we fear to mourn. tragedies we try hard and even harder to escape. tragedies we couldnt escape. because life. the awful and unjust way of life showing us our worth. not more than a minute.

the plane crashed a minute before landing. a minute. that could have been more than enough to say the final goodbye. a minute. sixty seconds. and it all ended. turned to dust. to despair. to eternal longing.

you know what that minute was. for the ones parted today. it was the shortest moment  of their life. filled with agony. chaos. crisis. prayers. flashbacks. that made it even more shorter. shorter than the farthest star that appears on the sky. shorter than the final breath of a dying patient. shorter than an enraged sigh. shorter than everything.

and for the ones left alone. with endless pain. that minute. eternal. a forever. to mourn. to suffer. that makes it even more unbearable. unbearable to even think of. and to live with it. to survive. to keep up with the pace of life. life that halted everything within a minute. ruined everything for them. that minute that now would take forever to heal.

tragedies here on earth keep unfolding before us in worst ways ever imagined. in ways never imagined. and we. the fallen ones. never have enough time to recover. to gather our pieces back. to heal. does life not owe us anything. not even the final goodbye. not even the last minute of our life.

yet life still has the audacity to move on with all its majestic meanness. no remorse. not a tiny little hint of guilt. no reverence for our resilience. nothing. it just moves one. and everything around  moves on. and for that very moment when life should stop for the bereaved to mourn it doesnt. it doesnt stop. for us. for our tragedy. not once. not for a minute.

and the sky remains intact. witnessing above. the wreckage beneath. sharing our secret. but never fades for us. never weet with us. for us. not even once. not even for a minute.

and the earth. it doesnt move an inch. but keeps spinning. the burden we carry doesnt wear it off. it never falls apart. not for a minute.

and the clock keeps ticking. but the time freezes. and the numbness perpetuates deeper. yet the clock ticks at a fixed pace. and never stops. not even for a minute.

but for those hit by the calamity. their life stops forever. their sky fades in disdain. their earth shatters in pieces. not just once. not twice. but every single minute of their life.