discontinuous thoughts

you all care so much right. so much that it legit shows. rage i see everywhere. so many debates. discussions. endless. so much worry. so many experts. bashans. everywhere. analysis. putting things through into perspectives. until they seem understandable. statuses updated. talks about kindness. be kind. yar. you know. world needs it. kindness. be kind. someone has died. be kind to your family. be kind to your friends. be kind. be kind. be kind. shut the hell up. i swear shut the hell up. enough of it. enough of your ignorance. enough of your edgy tweets. your ‘im so devastated” ‘so shocked’ statuses. enough.

a life is lost. one less human. to walk on your mighty earth. to chase your dying sun. your starry nights. your starless skies. a human being. a human made realize how unworthy his life is. so unworthy to be taken away. just like that.

mental health is real. you needed someone to die for you to realize mental health is real. thats the least you could do. to stay silent if have nothing but mental health is real to say. do you not feel a bit idk how to say it appropriately for you but shame. do you not feel shame. to say it right after someone takes away their right to live. im gonna ask you again. do you not feel ashamed while typing it. mental health is real. do people really have to kill themselves to make you believe its real. or do you really have to announce it right after someone commits suicide. and you still have the audacity to complete your sentence with be kind. to hell with your be kind that serves the opposite purpose.

so done with ‘if you feel like talking, im here for you’ ‘ reach out’ ‘ a phone call away’. get out of your little bubbles. thats not how things work. you cant talk it away which is being nurtured and spreading so heartily within. Which has overcome all your senses. its like drowning. and you keep drowning until you give up. and you eventually give up. unless and until someone jumps in for you. pulls you back. drags you out. makes you stand on your feet again.

and o so supremely pious lot. the utter disgust to your respective religion. haraam. a thing so forbidden. nah. dont you even dare to mourn and what not. what else is haram in your religion? being human? or being considerate to others? or being kind? or being gentle? what else is haraam. give me your freaking forbidden list. reduce your religion to a forbidden list only. thats the real practice and purpose.

respect his freaking decision for yoir own sake yar. to take his own life. enough of your labels. he ended it all. for himself. for us. his life. his death is not a freaking recommended paper for your own thesis. his life is not a ground to explore the definition and explanation to lifes reality. his suicide is not a lab to test your hypotheses. his suicide was a murder. and you know who to blame. just stand before a mirror. youll get your answer.