the fading sky

i wrote my poems

to the fading sky

without missing

a day in vain

and waited for it

to write me back

until one day

i didnt send my poems anymore

a poetic vengeance

on the inkless sky

that never writes

i heard a shudder

up above


as if a poem burst

to a thousand words

and i heard the sky

pleading to write

lightening like never before

it rained like never before

i grabbed my pen

to jot a few thoughts

wrapped around

the dying hope

and wrote underneath

‘from aisha

the girl waiting

under the fading sky

to exchange poems’

and i waited

and kept waiting

until i stopped

this time

no thunder

no lightening

no rain

no pleading

to the shimmery moon

i pour my grievances

‘the fading sky

never reply’

to distant stars

i wrote the same

and waited until

i heard them say

‘your poems

made the sky shiver

and dried it out

and its ink to write

and memorized for you

many poems

but couldnt bear

to send them off

and couldnt bear

to keep them all

a small demise

of words

of poetry

occurred a day

your fading sky

has faded away’

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