i dont care

you know what happens when people lose hope. they become fearless. nothing on stake. nothing to lose. anymore. and what happens when people become fearless. they stop caring. and when people no longer care nothing in this whole damn world matters then.

i dont care if the world remains this way. still and at halt. upended. i no longer care if it dies unhealed.

i no longer worry about our pale skies. about the dying sun fading away before half light. or the mighty mountains crumbling in fear. or the rushing streams drying out. or the gasping stars losing their paths.

i dont care if the world dies unhealed. like us.

or if its story remains incomplete. like ours.

i no longer care if its poems remain unfinished.

or if its sunsets go unnoticed. 

or if no one writes back to it. or if its letters remain without postage. without address. unnamed. like us. 

or if the hatred so engulfing it. eats it away.

or if the garb of hypocrisy it wears so proudly. taints its very appearance. 

or if it loses its own self in awful vengeance. to hold its power. 

i dont care. 

 if the world. dies. unhealed. 




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