Poetry of this land reeks glories
Of love, unrequited
Of hope, abandoned
Of dreams, shattered
Of places and alleys residing, barren
Of empty edifices bursting with darkness
Of epic ventures unfolding the ruptures
Of betrayed hearts breathing their last

A poem chanted in Salam’s Jhang
A love story written with crumbled hope Preserved in time, ours to cope
And together the lovers sang the ballads
Treacherous was love,
Forbidden, they called
So melted away the lovers paths
And forced to leave the trodden paths

An elegy written in Mashal’s land
Where freedom was priced with deadly fair
Where candles were lit but shunned away
Where slogans of peace snatched away
A war waged on unarmed words
The wounded dawn succumb to herds

A poem was penned with loyal blood
Resting on unnamed graves’ shred
Where hatred for few swallowed many
And many surrendered to savor the thirst
And many entrusted the lingering curse
The city now weeps the rhythmic wails
And croons silently the bitter tales

This poem I write for my pure land
Adorn with love and longing in hand
To call it home,
A permit to belong
Our love aint dead
But buried beneath
Our hopes, alive
But bound to bleed

An ode to unsung tales of love

To forgotten cities carried above

To us and our wistful song

To a country we live in yet wish to belong

#poetry #poem

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