The beloved

The maestro Faiz says that the only thing that can bring color and life in barren and desserted days ( which never felt so visceral ) is mere a thought of our beloved.

He eloquently explains in the opening stanza from his collection.

رات یوں دل میں تیری کھوئی ہوئی یاد آئی

Last night your ‘lost’ thought enter the threshold of my heart. (If loosely translated )

Being absolutely in desolation for not being able to have the recollection of beloveds memories, Faiz addresses that out of nowhere, last night, when he was so immersed in himself, the thought of his beloved entered the heart for a solitary walk. And it was so wholesome so overwhelming that it felt like (which he writes in the following verses) as if spring has arrived to the barren land that is my heart. The mere thought of my beloved thus brought all the colors, the youthfulness, the life to my heart that was wholly deprived before of such amusing. جیسے ویرانے میں چپکے سے بہار آجائے as if the spring silently arrived in a desolation.

Next he says جیسے صحراوں میں چلے ہولے سے باد نسیم as if the cool breeze gently blows over a wasteland that is my heart. So it isnt just the beauty and colors your memory sprouted in my heart but induced a lullaby like feeling because your memory is like a cool breeze that gently blows over my bleak heart that so much needed it.

Lastly he says جیسے بیمار کو بےوجہ قرار آجائے as if out of nowhere and without reason the ailing finds solace. And thats what your memory has done to me. It has filled my heart with contentment. Yes your memory came to me to my lost heart when it itself was at lost, yes i know it wasnt on purpose, but woah what wonders did it bring to my absolutely deserted heart.

The definition of beloved is thus relative. It could be anyone or anything. So if you feel absolutely loss, loose track of your liking, feel terribly trapped, find yourself absolutely worthless, all you need to find your ‘beloved’ to keep your heart from falling apart. Thats the least you can do for yourself and your loved ones.

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