A thousand reasons

To run along

The untrodden paths

A thousand reasons

To quench the thirst

From the oasis of life

To let the spring flowers

Bloom and sparkle

On the barren lands

A thousand reasons

To make amends

To settle dues

A thousand reasons

To stay alive

But if the heart is dead

Its dead.

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And what do you do

When you fall apart

When darkness resides

And sun departs?

When the heart reeks

Of anguish and distress

And inviolable fragrance

Turns to dust

Loitering on streets

Abandoned and bleak

Like a forlorn traveler

In a lonely desert

Under the sky, naked

Wanders alone

On the trodden paths

And sings elegies

To the barren land

Where nothing of worth

Grows and blooms

Where darkness resides

And things fall apart.

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