A city so broken

Desolate and barren

The spring weeps

In despair and sorrow

And sings elegies

To the aching wounds

Of the naked alleys

To the parched air

Drenched in tears

Behind whose mist

Quivering in pain

Stands a city

With head held high

A city so broken

So empty and dim

A city with love

Abandoned and blinned

A city of fragrance

And scented rose

A city now death’s

And blood’s odour

#peshawar #poem #poetry #wordcraft

To ones who lost among the stars

(Originally shared with the Unread Magazine.)

A nightly walk

Full of stars

And thoughts

Too distant

Too deep

Empty, them both

Crowded, them both

A broken melody

Of winter’s eve

A muted symphony

Of a heart’s beat

A tragic tale

Of departed love

An ode to broken

Lyre of wind

To dreams, abandoned

To souls, bereaved

The ones who lost

Among the stars

#poem #words #wordcraft