With every sun

That sets in despair

With every moon

That darkens the sky

With every star

That fades away

With every leaf

That withers away

With every day

That blurs the vision

With every night

That haunts the darkness

With every sigh

Of the doomed heart

With every tear

Of agony and distress

With empty laughs

And silent screams

Daughters of my land

Are burried and abandoned

Deep and distant

Their dreams

Their hopes

Their corpse

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I wonder why..

By the river of solitude

Amidst the turmoil

Under the orchard of grief

I wonder why

The tortured silence

In the country, reigns

I wonder why the hate rules

And terror roams

I wonder why the sky loses

the hues and freshness at dawn

At dusk it faints and pines for love

Why the night is afraid

Of its own darkness

And screams aloud

With the stars above

I wonder why..

The birds no longer

Long to fly

And sing the elegies

To the lost love

I wonder why..

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