A broken song

The deafening silence on recent on going atrocities against Palestine is appalling. Freedom is a luxury they cant afford unless we stand with them. The tragedy of Gaza is more tragic than all the tragic plays of Greek, French and English literature and still cant be penned down for you need those alphabets those words that cant be said for they are too devastating, too destructive, too dreadful and too catastrophic. Trying to play my part via the only thing I think I am slightly good at.

A broken song.

Melancholic rhythms

Of sorrow and grief

Of death conjoined

With endless pain

Toll the knell

The city bleeds

Broken melodies

Of abandoned love

And tumultuous peace

Despaired ashes

Of tormented freedom

Lurk around

To mourn

To curse

The imposed silence

Of those who hear

Of those who see

Commiting a crime

Of sinful breed.

#Gaza #Genocide

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