For whom the day ends in despair?

For whom the night wanders and whirls?

For whom the day ends in despair?

For whom the birds mourn and sing?

For whom the empty edifices scream?

For whom the city weeps silently?

For whom the sky fades in anguish?


What keeps them awake

In the darkest of nights

From shuting the eyes

From letting the mind

and heart asleep?


In whose parting

The stars ignite?

For whose glimpse

The moon beseech to shine bright?

For whom

The silence

Remain silent?


For whom?

The wretched night wanders and whirls?

For whom the day ends in despair?


The cursed tranquility

Of the morning breeze

The doomed silence

Of the night speaks


The haunted tales

Of missing daughters

From nameless cities

To well known streets

For what crimes our daughters are killed?

For them the night wanders and whirls!

For them the day ends in despair!

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Kingdom of infidelity 

(Engraved upon the heart is the love of my country that neither hatred nor prejudice can supersede. It might be overshadowed for some reason but it is always there. But that doesnt mean i should pretend not to have heard, not to have seen)

I live in a country of wordly gods   Kingdom of infedelity, runs by mobs

The law is sacred than the human blood
No one adheres to God’s word

The poor screams their heart aloud
The deafening silence of the rich around

Mercy for the ones who kill mercilessly
Forgiven forgotten their crimes ultimately

The law is the air the murderers breathe
Their refuge shelter protector underneath

Terrorists roam free of fear
Empowered and strengthened with special care

Where Mashals are lynched and Qandeels are killed
Where darkness prevails and graves are build

Where Salam is forsaken where Qadri is glorified
Where Zia is alive and edhi has died

I live in a country of spiteful preachers
Wordly gods and the worst creatures 

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