A tale of brutal murder. 

13th April, 2017. The day Mashal Khan was lynched to death in the premises of his University by an angry mob over false accusations of blasphemy. Here’s the story of a crime never committed.

Echoes a tale of brutal murder

A boy who stood and refused to surrender

Wild beasts, not a reminent of humanity

Satans in disguise reflecting insanity

Mashal, the illuminous star of the darkened world

Lynched to death, abusively hurled

Scars on the body and the soul; bruised

For the crime never committed but unjustly accused

Nothing but silence greeted the death

Clichéd moans but none out of breath

A wake up call went in vain

The alleys of Mardan mourn in pain

To put an end the henious practice

The grieving father awaits the justice

O Mahsal, O resident of the celestial land

My words for thee, for thee I stand

#NeverForget #MashalKhan #poem #words #peace #love #13-4-2017

#peopleofmyland #merylog

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