The world needs more creative thinkers. 

(Originally shared with The Voice Today) 

Right from the beginning, there’s a hierarchy of subjects in schools everywhere in the world where science is prefered over arts and languages. Arts is never taken seriously in schools and it is often considered ‘a waste of time’ by many qualified teachers. While I was in school in Pakistan, we only had art classes once a week which were cancelled quite often because the teacher was ‘absent’ and hence we always ended up doing math. 
The problem is not just how schools have shifted their focus on science but how the creative skills of students are being brutally killed. 
On top of that, students are taught in a way where there is no freedom to make mistakes or learn from them. Hence, this develops long term fear in students. Fear of being wronged. Fear of being judged. Fear of being compared with others. Fear of not being good enough. And then comes the social pressures…the questioning eyes asking for a justification for choosing a line of study other than science. 
Often, parents find it difficult to support their children. It’s not very common for artists to mention how proud their parents are of them for studying arts, music or literature. 
I myself studied science not beacuse I didn’t have other options but because science was the only option. I’m not against the science subject but creativity is equally important as science and should be treated in that way. 
The world needs more creative thinkers. Whether it’s poetry, literature, music or visual arts, these help in moulding one’s mind towards a positive direction. It enhances the cultural beauty to understand ourselves more independently. 
As humans, we all have some sort of creative light and it’s up to us whether we choose to let it shine or burn out. I strongly believed in Picasso’s saying “everyone is born an artist”. The problem is only to remain one. Lets not ignore creativity in the hustle and bustle of science. 
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