We aint no weeds

While covering the Special School carnival, I knew I was writing a one sided story. A story humans love to read. A story celebrating the brighter side of life. That day I vowed to unveil the dark side too. I wanted to write a story which is often despised by humans for having an evil portrayal. A story staining the very word humanity. It took me several months to gather what I wanted to convey and abashedly my words failed to do justice with my thoughts and I ended up with this piece of poetry. I said it earlier and I’ll say it again, hindrance is not their disabilites but our condescened behaviors. Whoever is reading it, I hope, I wish and I pray, undertands the motif behind writing it.

I long for the day when you will accept
I belong to you but don’t get upset

Disablity is nothing but a state of mind
That feeds your prejudice, makes you blind

“Imperfect!” Seems to your vision fam
For an enlightened heart special I am

 A gift from the heavens with special needs
 Differently beautiful, we aint no weeds

Shimmers a hope through my parents’ eyes
My contagious smile lits their lives

A single remark overshadows the wayfare
The struggle, endeavor, hope and the prayer

Your time and love I need the most
Embrace the difference, be a patient host 

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