Ode to the children of a lesser god 

(Dedicating this poem particularly to Syrians suffering for the most trivial and mundane reasons, to my brothers and sisters in kashmir fighting for their freedom and generally to the children of a lesser god)

 I witnessed your sufferings

Your woes and your mournings 


 Disputed lands and  shattered peace

 Tormented world, warmongers at ease 

Disowned and rejected, your fate is decided

Your land is invaded, the war is one sided

Fogive me my silence, I pardon to thee

The wretched heart has sent a plea 

Worthless words to console your loss

Helpless I am,  my speech, a remorse

The corpse you planted, will bloom bright 

Their souls will reach the majestic height

The wounds will heal, but the scars wont

The memories of loved ones are there to haunt

But  darker the night, brighter the day

Dont you lose hope in the illusionary dismay 

 Bestowed upon them are the blessings to cope

For those who steadfast holding the rope

He alone is sufficient, who watches over thee 

Thus we seek justice from no one but He 

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