*Building Dreams*

Adrehma Nasir Elementary School was our destination that day. Started our mindful journey, we were planning the way to interact with the students. ‘Our questions may sound offensive’ was our main concern. Leaving everything on God as always, we prayed. When we reached there, the students were already waiting for us. It was silence all the way. Pin drop silence. A moment of shame for us.

 It was the days of December, the wintry days. Still the students were sitting in a distincful manner oblivious to the extreme cold weather. 

Refreshment was given to us, the formalities we were uncomfortable with. The protocol , the respect we were given was disturbing us. 

The school had its program for us including speeches in both the languages i.e in Urdu and in English.   

It stunned us all. The confidence, the fluency, the shrill voice notes, everything, everything was remarkable. After their program we introduced ourselves and chatted with the students, teachers and the principal of the school. A number of games were played. Later they showed us the school, 3 rooms and a veranda with a handpump for dinking water, a washroom and a small front yard. 

That was all. A school of 180 students with limited furniture, dimly lit rooms and an untold story. A story beyond our comprehension. A story worth our comprehension.

 It was originally a house that was donated by a lady of the same village. 

We were there to help them. Our emotions were the amalgamation of humility with a touch of haughtiness. The purpose of our visit was to have a glimpse of their poor condition ( it may sound offensive) and to raise funds for them. In reality, it was they who were giving us. One of the greatest lears to learn. 

The divine lessons of humbleness, greatfulness, meekness , gratitude, self-effacingness and above all, the lessons of life.

We are still unable to fathom how in such restricted resources they were filled with sheer euphoric attitudes. Their lives were full of ecstasy. Their shallow grins was the reason why we envy their laugh. Their faces were as fresh as the gusty wind of decembers’ evening. 

This jealousy quickly turned into a bottomless brim of shame. With a heartfelt weak smile, we managed to control the outburst of our emotions. To overcome our shame we handed them goodies as a jesture of love from our college. In return they gave us fresh sugarcanes. And we were chackmated,  yet again, but this time we accepted our defeat wholeheartedly.

Leaving after staying for more than two hours, our journey ended by visiting Hazrat Molvi Sher Ali sahib’s (ra) house and the mosque, revealing the glorious and sublime heritage of the village. 

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