Being a Pakistani has always been a losing game specially against the terrorism. Just when I started believing in my country, Pakistan was echoed by a series of horrendous attacks. One after the other, taking several innocent lives, sadly, the lives of lesser known humans. 

This new wave of terror is as new as the terrorism in the country. For a time being peace was established for point scoring, NAP was implemented, apparently though, yet the situation remains the same. 

But this isn’t the delimma. The way we react after every tragedy is the real or sometimes the worst tragedy. Glorifying the henious acts, blaming the victims has become a new normal now. Whether it be a shrine, the emblem of love, the epitome of peace or the persecution of Ahmdies, the justification is always there, ironically.

On the other hand, this intense perplexed situation is euphemized by media and politicians labeling the brutal attacks as coward attacks. But here is an unveiled truth. The truth we always neglected, intentionally, to comfort ourselves. 

And the truth is IT IS OUR FAILURE. We are responsible for these vicious attacks. It’s we who are not courageous enough to take a bold step against the enemy. Our mindset, our selective grievance and mourning is strengthening our enemy. Our silence is the oxygen they breathe. Our resilience is their reinforcement. The last time we united against the enemy was the APS massacre. We vowed not to forget and forgive our enemy. We promised to take the revenge of every drop of blood. But we forgot to do so. We always forget to do so. The APS massacre was enough to shaken ourselves from the deep ignorant sleep. But nothing happend. We failed in acheiving our goal. We failed to speak up when it was needed the most. 

Just for the sake of Pakistan, stop lying to yourself. Stop using clich├ęd, meaningless phrases. Stop acting like an ignorant. The battle against the terrorism is about to end and it’s we who are losing it. Stand now or regret it forever.  The choice is yours. 
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