A few days ago, I was sitting in my college’s ground with my class fellows and suddenly I heard someone’s cry. Just behind my back a little girl was crying loudly. I asked my fellows to see what’s the matter. They were not interested in her. One of them said ” leave her, she’s not even cute”. I felt ashamed at that time but ignoring them I went to ask the girl what’s the problem? She didn’t answer me, may be I was a stranger to her. I again asked her what is bringing her such pain? And this time an Amma (a worker) replied : ‘She is unable to find her mother. Go to the second floor and tell Mehwish ( her mother) that her child is crying.’ And so without waiting a single moment I left. Like a super hero I was there in less then 10 seconds.The second floor was empty, there was no one. and I felt as if I have lost someone ( because the girl was now screaming) .I came back to the ground-floor and told Amma that there is no one out there. After a few seconds she told me her mother is moping the 4th  floor. And I again like a super hero went where my destination was (4th floor obviously) . Adrenalin was pumping in my veins. I was short of breath .After reaching there I saw two ladies were moping the floor. And this time I felt as if I have found what I have lost. As if I was on the mountaintop . I  felt like a lover who yearn for his beloved’s sight and now the beloved was right there. But in my case neither I was the lover nor the Amma was my beloved ( actually I saw her for the very first time). I asked who is Mehwish and one of them said ‘I am, what’s the problem’. I told her your girl is crying downstairs and she said drop her to another Amma ( forgot the name). and I was like seriously?? But in the end I successfully dropped her as I was told. And trust me, nothing comforted me like this before.

The purpose of writing this story is not to show off but to show that wherever we are, it’s not the religion that binds us, neither our cultural backgrounds nor our nationality, it’s the humanity that connects every single human being. I  didn’t know what the name of that girl was? I never saw her before this incident but I felt pain when I saw her crying. I wanted to help her without knowing what the reason is. The people who were completely strangers to me, I felt connected with them. Because it’s all about HUMANITY.


#Humanity #ServingMankind #Life #Purpose #HumanityFirst #EVERYSTORYISWORTHSHARING 🙂

PS: I know it’s a very small incident but try to focus on the message. Humanity still needs you.



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