“Celebrating the Angels”

Darkness from the society can only be driven out by an enlightened, humanitarian, devoted heart and by a dedicated soul. After covering the special school carnival I was truly amazed to see the self-sacrificing attribute of humanity. 10th and 11th of December was allocated to celebrate the angels. Like last year, this time too Nusrat Jahan College was the host.


To welcome the special guests, special arrangements were made.


Ground floor of NJC was converted into a play land.

Stalls attracting the attention of children were on display. A food street was also made as mean of refreshment.jjj2.jpg


There were colors of life, joy, love, compassion and most importantly humanity.


“This year, it is on a bigger scale”, said Hassan Munir, the deputy director of Nazarat Taleem, regarding the improvements.


He further adds “The quality this year has  improved by the extensive shows (the magic show, the monkey show and the juggling) “


To explain the purpose of the event, he said “Children are being victimized even by their parents, hence the parents hide them. The reason behind holding such events is to give relief to the children as well as their families. The event is one of its own kind. Extended families are able to attend the function just because of these children. This is the time of the year when their families realize their real worth.”  


Unfortunately we live in a stigmatized society. The deeply rooted stereotypical thinking needs to be eradicated. I talked to a mother of a handicapped, regarding the challenges she faces. She replied with a heartfelt sigh: “People, especially the young children mock my son. They even beat him. Way before educating my son, I think, it’s the normal people who need to be educated”


 The problem is not their disabilities but the way we treat them.


According to Uzma Waqar, a volunteer from the USA and currently working in a special school in the USA, the biggest problem they are facing is not having a proper building. For her “It is not only the donations they need but our time.”



In context to the promotion of this event she said: “People are not aware of such events and thus the response we need is not what we are getting. Events like these need to be promoted nationally and internationally “


According to Aneesa, currently teaching at the special school, “There are a lot of challenges we are facing but we know in the end we will triumph and this keeps us galvanized.”


 I had a chance to chat with Dr. Maleeha, a selfless soul and a devoted physiotherapist. She told me the formula of making difference in lives and that is having dedication for one’s profession and gaining the   strength of breaking the stigma. That is how your enlightened heart can drive out the darkness.


When I talked to the principal of NJC, she was overwhelmed with emotions of joy and happiness. “The smiles”, she said:” keeps me motivated”.



Ending my writing without giving a huge shout out to all the volunteers out there would be a sheer injustice. The team of volunteers includes the teachers, the principals, the students of NJC and the whole Nazarat family, who tirelessly worked day and night to bring out such a huge event.  “To hold such an event” said Hassan Munir, “a large amount of manpower is also needed and the volunteers reduce it to great extent.”


While covering the event, I never thought it will have a great impact on my life. I will not call it a life changing moment but I would rather say that there was life in that moment.



It was light amidst the darkness, a beacon of hope in the aura of despair, peace and love amidst a world of unrest. It was the celebration of humanity. 

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