The Pakistan I want you to celebrate…

Sir Syed’s awakening 

Iqbal’s dream 

Jinnah’s struggle 

Zaffarullah Khan’s conscience 

Rashid Minhas’s fearlessness 

M.M. Alam’s audicity 

Gen.  Akhtar’s valour 

Aitzaz Hassan’s heroeism

Edhi’s vision 

Taseer’s voice 

Adeeb Rizvi’s commitment

Jibran Nasir’s effort

Faiz’ sentiments 

Jalib’s revolution 

Manto’s boldness 

Ibn-e-Insha’s travelogue 

Salaam’s nobel prize 

Malala’s courage 

Arfa Kareem’s luminosity 

Ali Moeen’s brilliance 

Sitara’s brightness

Umer Saif’s innovation 

Muqeem Khan’s animation 

Sharmeen’s oscars 

Gulgee’s abstractness 

Saadequain’s imagination 

Jansher’s conquests 

Jahangir’s triumphs 

Sameena Baig’s adventure

Aisam’s aces 

Naseem Hamid’s speed 

Miandad’s six 

Karakoram’s beauty

Saif-ul-Malooks allure 

Punjab’s richness

Sind’s versa

KPK’s festivity 

Baluchistan’s vastness

Land of the pure

I am Pakistan

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The Bai’at Ceremony  

The moment we repeat after Hazoor (atba) Ash’hadu’un’la’ilaha..( I bear witness there’s none worthy of worship except Allah) we enter into a new world. A world that lit us from dust, one of nothingness and wordless thoughts. 207 nations, people from every religion and dominion coming from different regions of the world have one thing in common: their heartaches, and it cannot be cured by drugs, sleep or games but only by seeing their beloved. His Holiness, Mirza Masroor Ahmad (atba), wearing the historic coat of the founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, takes the oath on his hand from the Ahmadis present at the Jalsa. Making chains through physical contact, the ba’ait ceremony is the symbolic representation of community’s strength and unity. 

This is a community of spirits and people here pledge not to become prisoners but to surrender even more deeply to freedom and joy. They don’t want any reward for their submission but just want to be in the presence of their beloved Imam. Weeping and seeking  forgiveness before Allah the Almighty, the ba’ait ceremony proves to be a source of spiritual upliftment as it brings new wonders and beauty to their souls. 

Many Ahmadis renew their pledge by submitting completely to the will of God. Those newcomers experiencing it for the first time whirl with joy and then kneel down in praise as a true believer. Those who are considered worthless are valued. Those who are disowned are honoured. Those who are thirsty drink from the fountain of freshwater. The persecuted souls rejoice for what they have found. This is what the ba’ait ceremony is all about. 
Though the whole Jalsa helps in spiritual enhancement, the ba’ait ceremony is remarkably the most memorable experience one could ever have and one to look forward to, no matter how many times it has been witnessed before. 

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ہو منظور جو بھی انہوں نے دعا کی

یہ جلسے، یہ رونق، یہ مجلس ہدیٰ کی

جہانِ محبت،  اخُوت وفا کی 



نمازیں،  تہجد،  وہ پُرنور منظر

وہ دن رات کرنا یادیں خدا کی


ہیں بچھڑے ہوئے پھر سے ملنے کو آئے

خلیفہ سے اپنے،  اماں میں خدا کی 


زمیں ہی نہیں آسماں بھی گواہ ہے

صدا ان پہ رہتی ہے رحمت خدا کی


جھولیاں بھر کے اپنی وہ لوٹے ہیں دیکھو

جو آئے  ہیں لٹ کے نظر میں جہاں کی 


زمانے نے سمجھا ہمیشہ اِنہے غیر

ہے نفرت سے دیکھا،  نہ پرواہ کی جاں کی


مگر پھر بھی اِن کو محبت ہے اُن سے

ہمیشہ ہی اُن کیلیے ہے دعا کی 


مرادیں سبھی ان کی بھر دینا مولا 

ہو منظور جو بھی انہوں نے دعا کی


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Pathway to Peace

Amidst the chaos and disturbance affecting the world today, where religious fanatics are busy tarnishing the name of Islam, there is a community working day and night to show the beauty and the sublime teachings of Islam. Ahmadi Muslims in the UK are holding…(if you want to read the whole article, click the link given below)

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