And the tragedy continues..

Pakistan’s cycle of violence and tragedy continues.
Few days ago a human right activist, Khurram Zaki, was gunned down in a Karachi hotel.
Zaki was a prominent member of civil society who launched the #ArrestAbdulAziz campaign in Karachi and had previously been arrested for protesting outside the Red Mosque against the firebrand cleric. He was also vociferous in his calls for a complete ban on extremist outfit, Ehl-Sunnat-Wal-Jamat (ASWJ) and the editor of the blog Let Us Build Pakistan. He further campaign against Shia Genocide.
He started his journey as an activist long before the Peshawar school massacre. His campaigning with fellow activist, Jibran Nasir, earned him a number of threats yet he continued his determined path to fight for rights of other.
However, it seems that in Pakistan to merely stand against persecution, violence and extremism is a sufficient enough crime to  have you killed.
Khurram Zaki’s indebted soul has settled all his dues today for a great cause. A cause to spread secular religious views and to condemn extremism in all forms. Now it’s the time for ourselves to introspect and to decide where to stand. The least we can do is to condemn every single extremist act even if we can’t stop it from happening.
But those who are unable to even condemn the militants, share the same guilt for why voices like Salman Taseer, Sabeen Mehmood, Rashid Rehman and now Khurram Zakis are silenced.
Unless we as Pakistanis are unable to continue the legacy Khurram Zaki and his likes, the Pakistan wanted by Jinnah will never become a reality.

#FreedomOfSpeech #FreedomOfExpression

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