The Voldemorts of Pakistan..

A few days ago Hamza Ali Abbasi came to limelight when he asked if the state has the authority to decide one’s religion. He further cleared his stance by raising his voice for the basic rights of Ahmadis. As a norm in this country, whosoever speaks up for Ahmadis, is labelled as an Ahmadi or Qadiyani. Hamza was also declared as an Ahmadi and was welcomed by death threats along with filthy abusive language. The whole scenario becomes more intense when a renown cleric issued a Fatwa against him while being a guest on a live TV show. Ironically, this cleric was applauded by the host and audiences of the show.
The cleric further incited people to take action against Abbasi for challenging the blasphemy laws against the Ahmadiyya Muslim community by declaring: ‘The honor of this nation is very much alive… If the law does not take any action, Muslim themselves are ready to do so. It is a law in the Pakistani Armed Forces that anyone who commits treason should be shot on that very spot. If this is the rule of an army, is my prophet not even worth of this much dignity?… This law is a part of Pakistan’s constitution, how dare he speak against this?’ And this was his fault that he dares to speak. No Molvi sahab, it’s not Hamza’s voice that needs to be shut, it’s your venomous and extremist views.
Majority of the country follow these clerics blindly, what if someone kills him? Who will be responsible then? Apparently it’s the state’s responsibility to protect the life of its citizens yet no protection is given to Abbasi and no action has been taken against the hate monger who always spit venom against Ahmadis and people who speak up for themselves.
According to the same cleric Hamza should be killed as he challenged the Ahmadiyya and blasphemy laws ( though they are not mention in the Holy Quran)  so with that logic every single Muslim living in west should be killed for challenging Islamophobes. And if this happens how will you react apart from destroying your own property and protesting against the state? So why in Ahmadiyya case people are not allowed to discuss them? Why whoever speaks for Ahmadis, declared Ahmadi too? Why Ahmadis have become the Voldemort of Pakistan? Why no one dares to speak for them apart from some sane voices?

And the tragedy continues..

Pakistan’s cycle of violence and tragedy continues.
Few days ago a human right activist, Khurram Zaki, was gunned down in a Karachi hotel.
Zaki was a prominent member of civil society who launched the #ArrestAbdulAziz campaign in Karachi and had previously been arrested for protesting outside the Red Mosque against the firebrand cleric. He was also vociferous in his calls for a complete ban on extremist outfit, Ehl-Sunnat-Wal-Jamat (ASWJ) and the editor of the blog Let Us Build Pakistan. He further campaign against Shia Genocide.
He started his journey as an activist long before the Peshawar school massacre. His campaigning with fellow activist, Jibran Nasir, earned him a number of threats yet he continued his determined path to fight for rights of other.
However, it seems that in Pakistan to merely stand against persecution, violence and extremism is a sufficient enough crime to  have you killed.
Khurram Zaki’s indebted soul has settled all his dues today for a great cause. A cause to spread secular religious views and to condemn extremism in all forms. Now it’s the time for ourselves to introspect and to decide where to stand. The least we can do is to condemn every single extremist act even if we can’t stop it from happening.
But those who are unable to even condemn the militants, share the same guilt for why voices like Salman Taseer, Sabeen Mehmood, Rashid Rehman and now Khurram Zakis are silenced.
Unless we as Pakistanis are unable to continue the legacy Khurram Zaki and his likes, the Pakistan wanted by Jinnah will never become a reality.

#FreedomOfSpeech #FreedomOfExpression